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Special women's match in Krasnoyarsk

On February 18th in Krasnoyarsk, an international match will take place between women's teams. It will be part of a globe sweeping ice hockey marathon.

Never before have Russia taken part in such an event, while the IIHF organised it for the first time last year. 29 countries from Canada to New Zealand will compete.

Almost 40 teams will play separate matches over the course of 43 hours. Malaysia will start it off, before handing the baton to New Zealand. The marathon will eventually be completed in Toronto. In all matches, there will be "White" and "Blue" teams, and after the completion of every game, the overall totals for both teams will be added up. 

After Astana, Krasnoyarsk will stage its part of the marathon. The city is seventh in the scheduled list. Tornado and Biryusa, the Women's Hockey League's two stongest clubs, will face off against each other. The overall goal of this project is to make women's ice hockey more popular and spread the word.

The match between Tornado and Biryusa will begin at 14:00 local time at the Sever Arena, Krasnoyarsk. Entry is free, while there will be live broadcasts shown for those who cannot make it to the stadium.

Russian Ice Hockey Federation