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Vladislav Tretyak: Olympic Games united us in love to sport

Dear friends!

Olympic games came to the end, the whole country had been awaiting them impatiently and with expectation of great holiday. It became a tremendous celebration that united us in our love to sport. And now it’s time for thorough analysis.

I would like to thank all the fans across Russia for words of support that we were getting every day. Weeks before Olympics you had been sending your wishes, each of them was delivered and heard.

Now I want to say only one thing: each of us, hockey players and those people who helped them on our way to Sochi really wanted to win. We were motivated enough in our actions and work, each of us remained devoted to hockey and our country. It’s a pity that we couldn’t make our contribution into overall victory and feeling of success after these Olympic Games. But this fact can’t put us into a corner, it should give insentive to development. We must move forward. National, Junior and Women’s Junior World Championships are approaching. We have got work to do and we will get on with it.


The Russian Ice Hockey Federation President                                                  Vladislav Tretyak