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Vladislav Tretiak: Our team won 5 gold medals

Февраль 17, 2015

Dear Friends!

As all good things the February "wave" of international hockey competitions went to the end. For our country it was generous in victories and prize places.Of course, this primarily relates to the World Winter Universiade, where both of our teams - male and female - won the gold medals. Victory in such a large international competition is very revealing and important, especially considering the fact that in 2019 Russian city of Krasnoyarsk for the first time will host the World Winter Universiade.

We are also very pleased and happy with the Junior national teams. U18 team under the leadership of Yury M. Rumyantsev becamу the first at the Five Nations Tournament. That competition was the last test before the most important start of not only this season but, perhaps, of three previous years of thaining for the upcoming World Championship in Switzerland. Let's wish good luck to our boys and coaches on this last but not the least line!

I would like to separately mention the Junior U17 national team under the leadership of Vitaly V. Prokhorov. The team won the gold medals at the European Youth Olympic Festival and Five Nations Tournament in Dmitrov. In April some another homeheld competitions are expected, and hopefully that team will triumphantly complete the 2014/15 season.

Thus, this season our teams' medal collection supplemented with the five highest awards. And after the little break the most important competitions are coming and hopefully beautiful and victorious hockey is waiting for us!