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Thanks for the season!

Май 28, 2015

Dear friends!

The youth Black Sea Cup is already over and the 2014-2015 hockey season, which was really successfull for us, also is. It just lacked quite a bit to win the World Championship and the Youth World Championship. Nevertheless going ahead our players showed admirable sport qualities and the will to win. Our junior hockey players were quite successfull during the season being the pillar and the base of the senior teams victories and youth women and the bothe student teams as well.

In general, this season our players reached a highest degree of international competitions 17 times,  twice won the silver medals and twice - the bronze ones. That is a great result which really delights.

Now is the time to relax but in August an active competitive and traning fase of preparation for the upcoming season, which is very significant for the Russian hockey, will start. In May, 2016 Moscow and Saint-Petersburg will host the IIHF Worls Championship, the organization of which goes to the final and the most crucial phase. 

Looking forward to the start of the season, which will be full of home tournaments and new victories! But now let us thank our athletss for their work and full commitment!

Resource: Media service of Russian Ice Hockey Federation