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The junior national team have set an example for everyone

Январь 11, 2016

The World Junior Championship has finished, and in my opinion, it was a tournament where our team performed well. Yes, we had to worry a bit during the quarter-final against Denmark, but we confidently played against the USA and were lacking a bit of luck in the final with Finland. In every game, even when things weren't going well for us, the guys demonstrated a great desire to win, showed character and deserved their medal.

I hope that all of our teams competing in international tournaments will take the junior team's example. They showed that while there is still time, you can save the match. Now they have handed the baton over to our girls, who are playing in the women's World Junior Championship. A very interesting year is coming up with a large amount of hockey tournaments. The Czech part of the Euro Hockey Tour is coming up, a chance to experiment with the squad. We are also creating a special Olympic Russian team, which will consist of players who have not made the KHL playoffs or been knocked out of them at the early stages. 

At the end of March, the women's main World Championship will take place in Canada, and then the U18 World Championship will also be played along with Vitaly Prokhorov's team which play in the MHL. Of course, the season's culmination will be the men's World Championship in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, which is a very important event for us. In September, our national team will try out its strength at the World Cup in Canada against the NHL's best players.

The RIHF's president

Vladislav Tretyak

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