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Vladislav Tretyak: Let the New Year be full of victories

Декабрь 27, 2013

Dear friends!

New Year which is full of important events and competitions is coming.

The end of December – beginning of January will please youth hockey admirers. Hope that World Championship in Malmo, Sweden will be successful for Mikhail Varnakov's squard and they will be able to excel last year's achievement. The second part of season will be a test of strength for several National teams at Men and Women Olympic hockey Tournament, World Championship in Belarus, both men and women U18 World Championship. Serious challenges which we were getting ready for intensively and systematically for a long period of time are forward.

Without any exaggeration I can say that we are lucky to live now. Soon we will witnesses historical events that will be remained in Russian people generations memory. We worked a lot for the making Olympic Games successful for us in many ways: in terms of region and infrastructure development, sports traditions initiation and love to sport. We are approaching culmination point when support and faith of millions of Russians are important than ever.

Now I’m urging you only for one thing: believe in your team. Victory is not achieved only by means of technical or physical preparation. In sport the strongest wins and athlete’s strength is in trust and love of his country. 

Let coming New Year be full of victories.

Love your team!