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Vladislav Tretyak: We believe in our Team

Январь 31, 2014

Dear friends!

There are several days till the start of the Olympics. We are waiting for the moment when our hockey players who have come through plenty of preparation stages will start participating in their main tournament.

Now I would like to tell you: “Believe in your Team!” All victories of our Team are "with character". When we are able to dispose ourselves right, feel the moment, we are capable of getting real achievements. Our victories are always minded by their beauty, drama and quality of hockey. Of course, I’m pretty sure that all of the guys are fully motivated - everyone is ready to show what he is capable of. But real character can be awaken only by true support and love of millions of Russians who will worry wholeheartedly for the Team. By your love, dear friends!

They say, “the Russian are slow starters but they drive fast”. Let our National team show the real “Russian character”! Good luck!